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Reiters Reserve is an exclusive retreat and recreation place, offering a magnificent view over Bad Tatzmannsdorf »

120 hectare diversity embraces two premium hotels in Burgenland, Eastern Austria »

Our 3-hats-chef strives for culinary delights and uses best quality Angus beef, vegeterian and plant-based products from our own farms »

Europe’s biggest private Lipizzan stud farm and a huge zoo including water buffaloes & co ·

Our Reserve

More than just hotels

Reiters Reserve Vouchers

The best christmas present

New: The Reiters Reserve vouchers can be ordered in infinite variations from € 10.

mapPrivate Retreat


A thousand adventures

It is in your hands to experience holiday happiness. Draw on our unlimited resources to experience your own personal dream holiday. The incomparable diversity will offer you a thousand adventures and will ensure the best recreation possible.

Explore Diversity
mapFor adults only


5 Star wellness hotel

You will arrive and immediately feel at ease. Enjoy the generosity and spaciousness of the hotel area and feel our team's courtesy. The enormous wellness and spa area will provide for your privacy and the delicious cuisine is definitely worth a visit.

Holiday without children
mapAll Inclusive Family Hotel

Finest Family

4 Star Superior Children's hotel

Holiday at a fixed price, all inclusive: Full-day childcare, food, ice cream, drinks, snacks. Enormous play and wellness areas for kids and adults. Enjoy your family vacation according to your on individual wishes.

Holiday with children

Karl J. Reiter & Nikola Reiter

Pioneers in Wellness since 1975

“The harmony of our Reserve will make you feel both comfortable and protected, you are in good hands for your holidays.”

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