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Location & Arrival

This is how you can easily find your way to Reiters Reserve

Arrival by Car

Bad Tatzmannsdorf and our Reserve are easily accessible by car.
Lat, Long
47.324886, 16.241355
GPS Coordinates
47° 19' 29.5896'' N
16° 14' 28.878'' O

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Transfer Service

Transfer from Vienna or Graz to Bad Tatzmannsdorf and the Supreme is available. We will gladly arrange transfer from the airport, the train station or a private address to the hotel. Please contact us in advance so we can organise everything according to your wishes.


Taking the bus

There are daily regular public bus connections from Vienna to Bad Tatzmannsdorf and Oberwart. The Reserve-Transfer from your bus station is free of charge. Please note that reservations in advance are necessary.

Line G1

Address & Contact

Reiters Reserve
Supreme 5* & Finest Family 4*S
7431 Bad Tatzmannsdorf · Am Golfplatz 1–4
Southern Burgenland · Austria
Phone 0043 3353 8841 · E-mail info (at) reiters-reserve.at
#reitersreserve · @reitersreserve