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Wellness, Relax, RecreationDiversity

Unlimited space for every age

When you stay with us, you won’t just spend your holiday in your room. Independent of the weather conditions, the hotel offers you marvellous wellness- and recreational facilities, which form an incomparable extra to the resort. The diversity of the Reserve will offer you a wide variety of different adventures.

  • Park
  • Winery Alley
  • 72 holes Golf
  • Lipizzaner
  • Zoo


Fit through movement

You may, but it's not a must.


Bernd Wiesberger

Our golf course is the homebase and training site of Austria's Top Golf Player Bernd Wiesberger.

Sport & Co

9- & 18-hole golf course
Riding & Carriage ride
40 free activity programs
Tennis & Squash
Running & Walking
Cycling & Biking
Yoga, Hot Yoga & Pilates
Pagode for fitness & gym

More Details

Fine Wellness Hotels

Indulgence only available for hotel guests. Healing thermal waters, invigorating freshwater, spacious wellness areas. All of this is meeting your individual wishes and needs, with perfect space for the best recreation possible.

Our animals

Mowing a lawn is faster and cheaper than filling it with life. Our Reserve is different: A lively, recreational safe haven with lots of animals will ground you and make your vacation feel real and authentic.

Park & Garden

Cultivated landscapes are surrounding our hotels, creating the perfect free space for body and mind. Find your favourite spot and indulge in the vastness of the Burgenland’s beautiful countryside.


Finest Beauty


There is nothing better you can do for your reflection

Medical Spa


Your body will love you for this treatment. The best medical care is offered to you by top physicians, body therapists and sport and lifestyle coaches. Individual health checks and medical counselling (including preventive health screening).

Reiters Gourmet Workshop

The groceries and dishes from our own culinary work shop are „honest products“, as they are either processed by our own kitchen team or by carefully selected local suppliers.

Taking a pleasureable stroll through

Winery Alley

Beauty · Gusto · Shopping

In the winery alley

Wine cellar, Gourmet Workshop Store, Reserve-Shop, 3 x bellezza fashion boutiques, Vorenberg jewellery
Treatment & Styling
Finest Beauty, Coiffeur Fiducie

Arrival by Car

Bad Tatzmannsdorf and our Reserve are easily accessible by car.
Lat, Long
47.324886, 16.241355
GPS Coordinates
47° 19' 29.5896'' N
16° 14' 28.878'' O

Plan your route

Transfer Service

Transfer from Vienna or Graz to Bad Tatzmannsdorf and the Supreme is available. We will gladly arrange transfer from the airport, the train station or a private address to the hotel. Please contact us in advance so we can organise everything according to your wishes.


Taking the bus

There are daily regular public bus connections from Vienna to Bad Tatzmannsdorf and Oberwart. The Reserve-Transfer from your bus station is free of charge. Please note that reservations in advance are necessary.

Line G1

The Southern Burgenland

The magic of the Southern Burgenland is seductive. Scenery, culture, villages, culinary art, wine and many more. You can go on excursions around the Reserve by foot, by E-Bike, with your own vehicle or explore the area on a guided tour.