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Equestrian Center

Horse riding or a carriage ride with the horse of your choice.

Your talent counts

We have about 30 school horses – ranging from ponys to Lipizzan stallions – ready for your riding lesson.

Lipizzaner Stud Farm

If you want to experience Europes oldest breed horses or even ride on one of them, you found the perfect place to do so.

Equestrian Team

Four young and dedicated riding instructors are very attentive to the welfare of the horses and are responsible for individual riding lessons, or lessons within a group. The instructors are vigorously supported by two stable boys.

Horse Carriage Riding

We also own multiple horse carriages and offer the perfect ride for every occasion. Depending on the daily program, you have to opportunity to participate in a horse carriage ride. Pre-registration necessary. Enjoy a ride through the Reserve or the nearby surroundings.

Pony farm

We have integrated a pony farm especially for our young horse lovers. Kids can make their first steps in riding starting at the age of 3. Ponys and American Miniature Horses are always happy about cuddles.

Breeding & Selling

Individual animals from more than 70 horses from different breeds are for sale every now and then.