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Lipizzaner Stud

The breed known from the famous Spanish Riding School in Vienna, private at the Reiters Reserve.

The noble leisure horse

The Lipizzaner have found their private homestead here at the Reserve. We breed the famous horses and thereby offer a great experience for all our guests.

The saddle horse

Riding a stallion

Our Lipizzaner school horses are calm and peaceful animals. Beginners as well as advanced riders have the opportunity to get to know them in riding classes.

The carriage horse

A noble dyad with a history

While you can only watch them from a distance at the Spanish Riding School, the Lipizzaner are the horses to your carriage and you can bond with them at Reserve.

The show horse

Loving care without any fear

Visit the stud and see eye to eye with our beautiful Lipizzans. We offer regular guided tours through the stud, as well as horse riding shows.

The breeding horse

Internationale Champions

Within 30 years Karl Reiter has built up Europe’s biggest private Lipizzaner stud farm. He has received various international and national awards for his successful breed.

Reiters Equestrian Center

Horseback riding, having adventures in a carriage or simply petting the Lipizzaner, as well as Icelandic horses, ponys and the American Miniature Horses – all of this is possible at our private equestrian center.

Photo shoot

Engagements, weddings, birthdays or just a simple memory – your photo shoot with Lipizzaner can become a dream come true.