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Park & Garden

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Park & garden areas at the Reserve


To each his own and enough space for everyone. While some enjoy to be active and enjoy a sporty session in nature, others prefer relaxing in a hammock near to flower fields and water.

Head of the garden

Werner Adelmann

Although some plants grow on their own, they still need intense care and the loving touch of our professional team of 14 employees.


At the Reserve you can find
Playgrounds, ponds,
rest and recumbent areas,
walking trails, footpaths
flower fields, orchard,
nibble garden, herbal fields,
lookout points and a sunset terrace.

The millenial pond

A lookout point

Koi Carps are revitalising the pond. An area with a stunning view and a great evening atmosphere.

Walking and Hiking trails

Hikers and walkers, as well as joggers will find lots of different opportunities for an exploring the Reserve or its surroundings.

Big pond

An amazing calm and silent atmosphere can be experienced at the big pond. Enjoy an amazing view across the driving range and the hotels.

Four seasons garden

A wonderful new garden will soon grow where our Lipizzaner is now enjoying their time off.


The summer at the Reserve can almost be described as mediterranean. Enjoying outdoor activities and sports is more popular in the morning and in the evening. The warm midday hours are well spent at the pool or one of the restaurants, or while enjoying a cool drink in the shade.


The end of blossom season is the beginnig of stunning autumn colours. Trees are showing off the beautiful colours of their leaves and fields are turning into golden seas. Daylight is creating a special atmosphere during autumn.


This is the best season to experience the Reserve in its full quantity. Sports and activities are now practiced mostly indoors. Nature has taken over the scenery.


The Southern Burgenland is Austria’s warmest region. Nature is beginning to wake up again and outdoor sports and activities are bringing the Reserve back to life.