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Reiters Gourmet Workshop

From the origin to the finished product

Lots of effort

for honest products

We have been producing groceries and ingredients in a natural way for centuries. This takes a lot of effort and expenses, but the quality of our products outweighs these efforts by far.

Angus Breed

They are kept with suckler cows, species-appropriate on a controlled breeding farm. This opens up the possibility to cook with high-quality beef from our own production. We are processing all parts of the animal.


Meat, meat products, juices, wine, bread, jam… all of this comes from our farms, fields and gardens. Our gourmet workshop guarantees the best quality possible. Species-appropriate animal breeding with natural food from our own-production is a quality standard at the Reserve.


Everything is unfolding its perfect taste if you process it at the perfect level of ripeness. This also holds true for local seasonal products, which are only conservable for a short period of time. We are using this as our advantage by processing seasonal ingredients right on time.

Local Suppliers

Since we cannot produce all ingredients and groceries at our own farm, we work with carefully selected local suppliers. This makes quality checks a lot easier, it ensures short transport routes and fresh products meeting our expectations.

Our wines

Our grapevines grown in a town called St. Georgen near Eisenstadt. The nobel wine maker Hans Schwarz is taking care of the best wines produced for the Reserve.

Juices & Jams

The fruits for our jams and juices is untreated. There taste is incomparable and they have an incredible aroma.


We have our own bee colonies situated around our farms. This is where we get our own, homemade forest and blossom honey.


We are using high-quality grain to make our own bread in a traditional wood-fired oven.

Thomas Aspan

Sous Chef Supreme

“Light yellow, glowing, tempting – our homemade pasta tastes like love.”

Maxi's goat breed

They are our guests’ darlings and have grown into an impressive herd here at the Reserve. We are very proud of our seldom black neck and copper neck goats, which we have managed to successfully breed at the farm.

Willow goose

Our goose only spend time inside a stable right after they are born and during the night in order to hide from the foxes. Apart from that they spend all of their time outside, enjoying the fields and green gras at the Reserve.


Working together at the gourmet workshop as well as in the kitchen, we create wonderful dishes from high-quality products.


Gourmet Workshop Store

You can purchase our delicacies and enjoy them at home. Our own shop is open daily from 12 to 1 pm, and wednesdays and saturdays from 9 to 10 pm.


Sausage & Meat
Fruit juices