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Sports Arena

The meeting place for sports, games and fun.

Attractions for all ages

1 Team for Sports & Activity

Reiters Active Team in the Sport Arena is daily at your side for personal advice. Sandra, Tamara & Tom will help you with our endless range of cycling, running & walking routes and the many sporting activities in reserve. Guided tours and workouts can be found in our weekly program.

Tom, Tamara & Sandra

Active Team

Doing good for body and soul. Joy & fun through group activity. Always spread cheerfulness in the Reserve.


Opening hours Sports Arena
Daily 8am to 10pm
Admission cards at the receptions
Guest Service & Cafe
Daily 10am to 3pm
Youth care
Announcement in the kids club and Sports Arena
+43 3353 – 1720

Cycling & Bikes

With our new and high-quality E-Bikes & E-Mountain-Bikes everyone can explore the Reserve and of Southern Burgenland without great effort. Guided bike tours are a special benefit for body, mind & soul.

Power Nordic Walking

The walking tour goes right through our Reserve, past the most beautiful places. Here you sweat a lot. Afterwards you will be shown efficient stretching exercises.

Bouldering & Climbing

Bouldering is something for every age, the positive effects on body and mind have long been proven. The focus is on fun and movement.

Reiters Duathlon

A fitness workout for more endurance and strength. With power through the forest. You start with running and stop with stretching. Everything in between is determined by nature. Pure challenge and fun.

Run free!

When one’s weaker self has been tricked, with every step we feel how with we leave everyday life behind us and switch off. Tamara tells you tips and tricks about running and jogging.

Fun with Mini Horses

Get to know our cute American Miniature Horses on a short walk. You will love them. Even more fun provides the following Trail with the Minis.

Qigong at the power place

With some exercises we strengthen our life energy, maintain health and harmonize the balance of body, mind and soul. Helpful exercises to release blockages and balance Yin and Yang.

Pilates Workout at the power station

A training where the movement in full power and energy dominates every muscle of the body dominates. The secret lies in the depth. Activate your powerhouse with Tamara.

Reiters Active Team is looking forward to meeting you

„It is good for the soul to spread happiness in our reserve“

1 meeting place for all

The cosy Sports Arena Café invites you to relax with its chilly seating and the hip and quiet terrace. Free WLAN and the possibility to play your own music.

Many possibilities

At the top, aim, shot! Air on! Throw in! Service! Match yourself at airhokey, darts, table football or table tennis. Our attractions are constantly extended.

Crazy about tennis?

In the Sports Arena there are two indoor courts and two outdoor clay courts available for exciting duels.