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Sports & Co

Our own facilities at the Reserve

Sports Arena

Our Sport Arena has two indoor tennis courts, two sand tennis courts (tennis coaches for all age groups of KNIFsports) and a boulder hall. The Sport Café offers refreshments as well as Table Soccer, AirHockey and Dart.

Activity programms

Complementary for our guests

We offer 40 different activity programs weekly, alternating from time to time, giving you the chance to participate in fitness classes under the guidance of professional trainers.

Lipizzans & Co

Reiters Equestrian Center

We have more than 70 horses, of which more than 30 are Lipizzaner. This is the perfect meeting point for horse lovers.


27-holes golf course

Playable throughout almost the whole year. A 27-hole golf court with a huge driving range and its own golf academy.


The hilly landscape attracts with its own appeal. Flat and level stretches are taking turns with steeper stages along the route. Bikes and E-Bikes, including a map of the surrounding area, can be rented at the hotel.

Running & Nordic Walking

There are three routes for running and nordic walking, as well as four „Reserve“-routes starting directly at the Reserve. A completely new running experience is offered by the 1,5km long barefoot route. Directions and nordic walking sticks for rent are available at the Reserve.


Smooth and strong movements at the same time, the power of breathing, the right vision: All of this is conveyed by our Yoga instructor Sylvia Augustin. We offer beginners, as well as advanced courses in groups on special Yoga weekends, as well as private Yoga lessons.

Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga is strengthening the body, boosting your immune system and ensuring more mobility. The intense Hot Yoga weekend is suitable for practitioners of all levels.


Areal body awareness, active mobility of your whole body, relaxation and muscle development. All of this is awaiting you in a unique, diverse and coordinated workout.


You will find a well equipped gym with different fitness devices for endurance and strength training spread across 120 sqm on the second floor of the Pagode. Form your body and enjoy a stunning view while training.

Space for movement

For all kinds of body training and fitness. The top floor of the Pagode offers space for different sports and fitness programs alternating each week. Working out couldn’t be more diverse.