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Animals up close

Most of our animals love to get cuddles.

Zoo at the Reserve

A pied mixture

„Animals outside, more than a hundred different types“, this is what Kasimir sings in his song at the Finest Family.

Head of the Zoo


Each animal has its own name, a history and its very special character. He knows them all. Visit a guided feeding tour and get to know his loved ones.


Lipizzaner, Welsh- und Shetland-Ponys, American Mini Horses, Baroque Donkeys
Water buffalo, Black Angus, Galloway, Pinzgauer
Sheep & Goats, Pigs, Chicken, Bunnies
Wild Animals
Ducks, Swans, Birds, Deer, Foxes, and much more


The noble leisure horse

Charmingly beautiful – in the saddle, on a horse carriage or as an eye-catcher on the field. They used to be representational horses of the baroque aristocracy, but can now be experienced by all our guests at the Reserve.

Equestrian Center

You can ride the horses either indoors or outdoors. Riders of every age can choose from lots of different school horses.

Icelandic horses

The Islandic Horse impresses with its endurance, its courage, its strength of character, its beauty and its 5 different paces. Those versatile and tough riding horses have been bred in Island for many centuries and are important companions of the people living there.


Two cheeky eyes, one pony strength and four strong hooves, this is what characterises our Shetland Ponys, the stars among the young guests. Our guests can bond with them and are allowed to lead them with a leash. The Welsh-Ponys, which are a little bit bigger, are even strong enough to pull a carriage. You can see them driving around the Reserve at least two times a week.

American Mini Horses

Slender, well proportioned, accurate, a wonderful pace. The American Miniature Horses are soft toys which have come to life. Not only children will love these cute animals. Twenty of them have found a new home at our Reserve.

Water Buffalos

They initially used to be native in our region, but have become extinct in the wild life. We have re-introduced some of them to our area at the Reserve. Kasimir, our Finest Family mascot is inspired by these beautiful, majestic animals.


Our cattle herd is made up of Black Angus, Pinzgauer and Galloways. All of them are kept with suckler cows. They spend their freedom in nature all year round, just as they are used to.


We have woolly pigs, pot-belly pigs and Mangalitzas. Although they spend most of their time sleeping, their activities are really fun to watch.

Karl J. Reiter

Landlord & Farmer

„Since I was a child, I have been dreaming of owning lots of horses one day.“

Baroque Donkeys

The austro-hungarian white donkey belongs to the most magnificent creatures of his species. The breed goes way back to the baroque times, this is where he has gotten his name from. Already almost forgotten, it has been rediscovered in the 80s of the last century. Our guests especially love their water blue eyes and their soft white-yellow fur.

Goats & Sheep

It started off as a rather special wish to own pets, but now the goats and sheep of junior chef Maximilian have found their perfect place in the wildlife of the Reserve.


Our chicken love to run free and live a happy life at the Reserve and the farm at Rabenwald. We own lots of old breeds.


Be on the lookout for ducks, goose and swans, who feel at home here. The riding facilities have become the home of a swarm of swallows. They come back each summer to spend their time with us and show off their incredible flying skills on a daily basis. We also have sparrows living at the Reserve, but they have to be careful, since a kestrel falcon has decided to move in with us too.


We are surrounded by forests and fields, therefore wild deer and other wildlife animals love to visit the area around the Reserve from time to time. While we love the occasional visits of rabbits and deer, our chickens fear the foxes. Every now and then you can even see wild boars at the Reserve.

Koi Carps

The japanese Koi Carps (called Nishikigoi), short Koi, come from the Asian regions. They are said to have special strenghts and powers and bring good luck. This believe stems from their ability to swim against the tide in their natural habitat and still survive.