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Welcome to the Reiters ReserveFinest Family

4*S All Inclusive Family Hotel

Even moms, dads, uncles, aunts and grandparents are calming down and find time to relax at our hotel. Perfect for families with kids of all ages.

  • 5 Pools
  • All Inclusive
  • Child care
  • Treatments
  • Sports

All Inclusive – Fixed Prices

You will get everything you want. No unexpected surprises are waiting for you at the Reserve. Almost all hotel services, full-day child car, as well as wine & consumptions at the bar are included.

Laugh, play, explore

Kids are the greatest happiness on earth. And they also deserve a fabulous holiday, just like their parents. Reiters Finest Family is the perfect place.


The Finest Family is offering customised rooms and suites. You can choose from different sizes and price ranges. They are furnished with wooden floors, air condition and ergonomic beds. Even your sleep will turn into a recreational experience.

Kids world

Exciting adventure areas for kids of all ages turn the Finest Family into an El Dorado for kids. Surrounded by friends and taken care of in the best possible way.

Pools & Saunas

We have kids pools where they can play and splash around as much as they like. Of course parents are invited to join in and splash around with their little ones.

Child Care

Included in the price. We are gladly taking care of your children. We are offering a daily 12-hour child care service, 7 days a week. Our team consists of well-trained professionals, who are going to make your kids stay as fun and exciting as possible.

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You are booking full-pension when you stay with us. In addition we offer snacks, ice cream and baby food and more throughout the entire day.

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Art, culture and dance. We start the morning with Kasimir’s dance. In addition you can enjoy performances, tours, shows and concerts. None of your family members will be bored at the Reserve.

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There are no limits for your drive and energy. Choose from an eventful offer of different sports and recreational programs that suit you and your family the best.

Arrival by car

Bad Tatzmannsdorf and our Reserve are easily accessible by car.
Lat, Long
47.3238567, 16.2369057
GPS Coordinates
47° 19′ 29.5896″ N
16° 14′ 28.878″ O

Plan your Route

Transfer Service

Transfer from Vienna or Graz to Bad Tatzmannsdorf and the Reserve is available. We will gladly arrange transfer from the airport, the train station or a private address to the hotel. Please contact us in advance so we can organise everything according to your wishes.


Taking the bus

There are daily regular public bus connections from Vienna to Bad Tatzmannsdorf and Oberwart. The Reserve-Transfer from your bus station is free of charge. Please note that reservations in advance are necessary.

Line G1