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All Inclusive Premium

You will get everything you want at a fixed price.

Child care

We are taking care of your children in the best possible way during your stay. Child care is available daily from 9 am to 9 pm for kids starting at the age of 6 months.


Our kitchen chef Hans Eisler and his team are serving healthy and delicious meals. Breakfast and lunch will be served as a buffet. Dinner is served as a multi-course menu. There is a special themed buffet once a week. We also offer a special kids buffet.


Small snacks, soups and sweets are available outside of the usual lunchtimes as self service. Delicious ice cream and cold refreshments are available at the pool bar.


Coffee, tea and soft drinks are included until 12 am (cocktails, liquor and aperitifs served from 5 pm). You can also choose from a wonderful selection of high-quality Austrian wines during lunch and dinner.

Pools & Saunas

The wellness area is stretched out across 4.500 m². It is separated into different areas offering the best possible recreation for your family.

Kasimirs Kidsworld

This is where the kids rule. This area is named after our mascot Kasimir.

Sports & Co

The variety of the Reserve also includes a broad sports program. We are especially famous for golf and horse riding.

The unique Reserve

Your vacation at our Reserve is infinitely more than just a stay at a hotel. Discover all possibilities and indulge in our universe.

Minibar in the room

There is a minibar in all rooms, which can be filled up according to your wishes.

The best for Babies

Hipp baby products, a special kids menu, a baby buffet with Hipp products, homemade baby food and follow-up milk.

A lot of extras

Underground garage with direct access to the hotel, caddy room, laundry room for guests, tumble dryer, flat iron, dog shower, dog lawn.

Not included: All consumptions after midnight, champagne, special wines