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Child Care

More than a dozen experienced caregivers lovingly devote their time to your children, making every day an adventure.

Kasimirs Kidsclub

1 Team for your kids

In our Kasimirs Kidsclub, your children are in good hands and are looked after by our highly trained professional team for 12 hours a day.

Head of Kidsclub

Gerti Halper

As a mother of three children she knows best about the needs of children and also has helpful hints & tricks.


Opening hours
Daily from 9 am to 9 pm
+43 3353 – 8841 2704


0 – 2 years

Light-flooded rooms on 200 m² form our baby club. Here we lovingly fondle, wrap, pamper and care for your baby.


3 – 7 years

Children of this age are particularly eager to learn and inquisitive and are cared for by us accordingly. Theater, animal feeding, crafts, olympiads, children’s disco, games …


8 – 12 years

Whether outdoors or indoors, whether crafts, football, theater or splashing around in the pool – it’s a lot of fun for definitely everyone!


from 12 years

Youth coach Attila is a fun and animation expert. He takes your teens to laser tag, RC car racing, poker, climbing park, kart race, soccer, pool party, scary trail, Wii, table soccer, youth room … Additionally sport programs and training sessions.

Kasimirs drinking trough

Our restaurant only for kids

Here, food is just as your kids love it. At noon and in the evening (please book in advance at the Kids Club) your child can eat here together with the carers and other children. In the group it tastes much better.

Private Care

Sometimes 84 hours of childcare per week is simply not enough. We are happy to offer you a nanny at extra charge outside the hours of care.