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Family vacation

„Collect Moments“ is the motto of this retreat. Collect lots of special moments and memories with your family during your stay at the Reserve.

Thermal Waters & Wellness

Having fun on your own, as well as with others. Splashing, diving and jumping around is for the kids – relaxing in the soothing, warm thermal waters for the grown ups.

Child Care

This is the highlight of our hotel. Child care is included in your stay. Your kids will have fun at the kids club while you calm down and relax.

Lots of animals

There are over 200 animals at the Reserve, not only making the kids, but also the adults happy. Lots of opportunities to get to know them are awaiting you – we even have a petting zoo.


Enjoy a nice game of golf together with your kids on the Kasimir court. Beginners can join the Golf Academy and participate in a golf course for kids and practice with others.


You can find lots of different opportunities to practise all kinds of sports and be active all around the Reserve. We offer sports facilities for all age groups in order to spend an active vacation away from home.

Sports & Co


„Charme is the invisible part of beauty, without none of us can be truly beautiful“ (Sophia Loren). We are taking care of the rest at Finest Beauty!

Finest Beauty


Merkur Lifestyle Spa is offering high-quality treatments at the Reserve. More than 50 doctors, therapists and massage therapists are specialized on your well-being, preventative check-ups and regeneration.

Medical Spa

Pony Farm

The pony farm is for the small ones, our horse stables are for the bigger ones. We offer horse adventures for the entire family.

Family Bliss

Look into your children’s eyes. It will open your heart and you will know, that you have chosen the right vacation.

Birthday Party with Kasimir

Once you are friends with our mascot Kasimir, your birthday party with him will be an unforgettable experience.