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Kasimirs Kids World

Our mascot Kasimir is playing an important roll at the Reserve and can be found at many places around the area. The kids world is named after him.

Never bored

No matter how old you are, the perfect activity program is waiting for you. Kasimir and his friend Lilly are also taking part.


Children of all ages are well taken care of at the kids club.

Play the Kasimir Song 🎶

Age Groups

Babies : 6–35 months
Mouses : 3–7 years
Buffalos : 8-12 years
Teens : > 13 years

To Child Care

Kasimirs Water World

6 months – 12 years

Pools, climbing wall, waterslide, baby pool, water fun park and more are creating unforgettable experiences.

Indoor Play Areas

A phenomenal indoor play area is spread across 2.000 m² for kids from 6 months to 12 years – a truly awesome place for climbing, being creative and romping around.

Outdoor Fun Park

Racetrack, funcourt, Flying Fox, waterslides, a trampoline area, a rope pyramid, beach volleyball courts, table tennis, swings and lots of green areas for running around.

Kasimirs Buffalo Camp

A huge play and climbing farm with a large sand playground protected from the sun, water gutters, slides, tents and a sandy beach with sun beds for the parents to relax while their kids are having fun.

Show Theatre & Cinema

Premieres, shows, presentations, small and big artists will own the stage here. Weekly movie nights for adults.