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Pools & Saunas

Shared and separated wellness areas for the entire family.

Warm and pleasant

Adults and kids will enjoy the pleasures of our indoor and outdoor pools with a minimum of 26°C throughout the whole year.

Thermal Water Pools

Most of our pools are filled with the thermal waters of Bad Tatzmannsdorf which have been relied on for centuries. The water is especially soothing for your skin and your body.

Fresh Water Pools

We recommend our fresh water indoor and outdoor pools for sporty activities and longer swims.

Kasimirs Water World

Fun for kids

Kids are definitely in their element here. A large pool with a climbing wall and a slide are guaranteeing lots of fun and action. A baby pool, a kids sauna, chill out areas and an indoor water fun park can also be found in Kasimirs Water World.

Water Fun Park

Kids can enjoy the water fun park indoors as well as outdoors, depending on the weather conditions and the season.

Swimming Classes

Swimming taught by experienced instructors. Training in small groups for kids of every age.

Family & Kids Saunas

Temperatures suitable for children can be found at the Rainbow Steam Bath and the Apple Tree Sauna. Parents can enjoy some relaxing time off with their kids in our family sauna. With clothing.

Pannonian Sauna Village

This is the perfect retreat for adults only. Spread across 480 m² – exclusively for guests from the age of 16. With a Finnish sauna, stone pine sauna, soft-sauna, brine steam bath, round shower, royal shower, whirlpool, lounge chairs, pavilion and a bucket shower.


Far away from everything, but still close – surrounded by the Burgenland covered in reed.


Sweating and refrehsing.


Recreational areas, pavilion and sunbathing lawn.

Relaxation Room

The “Mystic Room” is for adults only. Close your eyes and relax on the comfortable loungers. Flickering fires will warm you and create a special atmosphere during the colder seasons.