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Even your bed is turning into a local recreation area.


Forest view
South view
Reserve view
Living room
Kids room
Extra shower
Complimentary VIP

TheLuxury Suite Favory

€ 322–591/night

TheLuxury Suite Conversano

€ 312–581/night

TheKasimir Suite

€ 292–560/Nacht

TheLuxury Suite Batosta

€ 292–560/night

TheWhite Donkey Suite

€ 238–466/night

ThePure Natural Family Unit

€ 237–414/night

TheBuffalo Suite

€ 248–478/night

TheNatural Family Unit

€ 225–391/night

ThePure Natural Room On Top

€ 168–296/night

ThePure Natural Room

€ 163–291/night

TheLilly Suite

€ 243–471/night

TheFamilycombo South

€ 208–375/night


€ 196–352/night

TheAlcove Room South

€ 181–327/night

TheAlcove Room

€ 170–312/Nacht

TheDouble Room South

€ 147–269/night

TheDouble Room

€ 151–254/night

TheNatural Room

€ 153–275/Nacht

Price range in Euro per adult & night for two adults in the room. All Inclusive, excl. local tax.
All pictures symbol photos, variations possible.

Hotel policies

Best prices per person/night during the booking period, incl. VAT, excl. local tax (€ 2,50 per adult/day, €1,35 per children from the age of 10/day). Bookings are binding as soon as you have clicked “buy now”. (✿◠‿◠) Check-in from 3 pm | Check-out until 12 pm. You have to be 18+ in order to book a room. We are obliged to require your ID or passport at the check-in by law. If you violate the non-smoking rule in your room we will charge an extra fee of 250€ per room and 500€ per suite.

If you do not use our extensive travel cancellation insurance when booking, the following cancellation conditions apply:
Up to 72 hours prior to your arrival day: free of charge
Up to 24 hours prior to your arrival day: 90% of the booked arrangements
On the day of arrival and early departure 100% of the booked package will be charged. All cancellations must be made in written form or by phone.

You have arrived to early? You want to take a rest? We will try our best to accommodate you earlier – please let us know in advance. If we don't have your room ready in case you arrive earlier, you can leave your luggage at the reception desk until your room is ready. If you leave earlier than booked, we will charge the full 100% of your booking.

Dogs are welcome at our hotel. Please respect our guidelines for dog owners. We charge a 26 € daily fee for dogs, food is not included.
If you book a stay with your pet, an online booking is not possible. Please contact us otherwise.

  • Dogs have to be kept on a leash on the entire Reserve.
  • Your dog must be at least 12 months old – we only allow one dog per room.
  • In case the room is overly dirty we will have to charge an additional cleaning fee of 100 €.

Karl J. Reiter guarantees, that the offered rates you find on our website are the cheapest rates possible at the time you book. You will not find cheaper rates for our hotels on other websites.

Why book online?
Online bookings are the easiest way of booking a stay at the Reserve. We offer you the cheapest rate possible and are not charging any hidden booking fees. Our website is secured by the highest safety standards in order to ensure a carefree booking. Taking a look at our website is well worthwhile, you can find special online-only offers from time to time.