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Summer Fun Parade

From July 15th to August 26th, enjoy our Summer Fun Parade together with the Dance Industry. Jumping, dancing, singing, driving, climbing, swimming, taking pictures, acting and laughing a lot.

Summer preview

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From the program

Beach Party – Pool Party – Horror Trail – Bonfire & Music – Photoshoot – Jumping-Competition – Go-Kart – Climbing Park – Bouldern and much more.

The Dance Industry

Talent shows like “Die Große Chance” and “Got to Dance” have made the dance group known and led them to countless successes in the show and stage area. We have work together very successfully since 3 years and every year we offer you a new program and many activities.

Dance Workshops

Hip Hop & Show Dance

The artists of the Dance Industry offer dance workshops for hip hop and show dance. Dancing is easier than expected and as soon as you master the first steps, you do not want to stop. Everyone can be take part.

Finest Family Kidsclub

Especially in the summer many children of all ages are with us and we have fun together. 12 hours daily child care from 6 months.

Youth Coach

Teens will find a huge youth program this summer. Prepare for action, fun and great stories you can tell your friends. Our youth coaches Ati & Tom guide you through summer.

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