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Relax Guide

Supreme · Four Lilies

12 x 20 points highest mark

As the only hotel in Austria, the Reiters Reserve Supreme achieves the highest score of 20 points for the 13th time in a row and thus rightly wins the title “Best Wellness Hotel Austria”.

Finest Family · Three Lilies

11 x 18 Punkte

No less successful – eleven times in a row 18 points – the Reiters Reserve Finest Family is rated by the Relax Guide and is Austria’s best family wellness hotel.

Karl J. Reiter

Innkeeper and farmer

“The Relax Guide is recognized critically – the more important for us is the top rating.”

In Austria the two best among 1095 hotels

More than 2400 wellness hotels tested, of which 1,096 in Austria, only seven hotels achieved the highest rating (4 Lilies, 20 Points). The Reiters Reserve Supreme not only offers the best price / performance ratio, it has consistently achieved this peak performance for 12 years. The Reiters Reserve Finest Family counts as an exception at the baby and children’s hotels and offers an all-inclusive premium dream holiday for the whole family. Karl J Reiter has already invested around 155 million euros in the wellness oasis Reiters Reserve and continues to focus on continuous improvement. We are looking forward to your visit.