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Reiters Reserve

Infinitely more than just hotels.

Enjoy your holidays

It will be amazing. Your time under the cover of the Reserve – everything is possible, if you want it to be. Forget the rush of your daily lives. Amongst the gentle hillside of the Southern Burgenland you will find the unagitated and relaxing holiday you have been looking for. You will finally make time for yourself and your loved ones. Simply let go!

Our Vision

Bringing joy to yourself and others

Happiness is something that multiplies when it is divided. We think this quote describes best, what the family owned Reiters Reserve stands for and what makes us happy anew each and every day.

Our Mission

For the very special holiday moments

If you want to escape, you should know where to go. Our Reserve is offering you infinite space and closeness both at the same time. Enjoy the wide view across the countryside or hide in a silent corner of the Reserve. Both, sound and silence, luxury and minimalism, are awaiting you. Lively, but completely calm at the same time. Diversity with every moment.

Nikola Reiter

Host & Farmer

„The Reserve is a dream come true – a space, where all generations are deeply coming together & coming to life again.“

Having arrived

Being close to yourself

Those who arrive immediately draw on our unlimited resources. Differences turn into possibilities at the Reserve, opening doors to enriching options, guaranteeing new and unexpected holiday experiences. Whatever your personal mood allows. Me, You, Us.

The Burgenland

The location of the Southern Burgenland is blessed with favourable climatic conditions, offering the most pleasant temperatures within Austria. This is exactly where our 120 hectare Reserve is situated. In the middle of undestroyed nature and untouched landscapes, overlooking the spa town of Bad Tatzmannsdorf.

Burgenland Logo

The Team

Two hotels and various facilities, which spread over a 120 hectare estate, need to be cultivated, supervised and taken care of. Leading the culinary studio, feeding animals and harvesting fruit. Our ambitious team of 360 employees in all areas is giving it’s best and working hard to fulfill your wishes ever day. This is highly appreciated by not only us, but especially by our guests.


We are shaping parts of nature to create parks, gardens and sports facilities. As a compensation to this, we give back expanses of water, fields of flowers, scrub and bushes. And lots of space for our animals of course.


Those who want to live in a better world have to start off with changing themselves. Environment, nature and nutrition are only a few of the topics which are of high importance to us at the Reserve. A lot of our guests feel the same way as we do and enjoy that they can relax and feel at ease without a guilty conscience during their stay. A real feel-good hideaway.

Our guests

With or without kids

Having two separate hotels is a great advantage and turn the Reserve into the perfect holiday spot for guests of every age. While you enjoy your privacy in your rooms and individual interior fills both hotels with life, the Reserve is a shared relaxing and adventurous space for all those who seek recreation.

Your hosts, Family Reiter

mapPrivate Retreat


A thousand adventures

It is in your hands to experience holiday happiness. Draw on our unlimited resources to experience your own personal dream holiday. The incomparable diversity will offer you a thousand adventures and will ensure the best recreation possible.

Explore Diversity
mapFor adults only


5 Star wellness hotel

You will arrive and immediately feel at ease. Enjoy the generosity and spaciousness of the hotel area and feel our team's courtesy. The enormous wellness and spa area will provide for your privacy and the delicious cuisine is definitely worth a visit.

Holiday without children
mapAll Inclusive Family Hotel

Finest Family

4 Star Superior Children's hotel

Holiday at a fixed price, all inclusive: Full-day childcare, food, ice cream, drinks, snacks. Enormous play and wellness areas for kids and adults. Enjoy your family vacation according to your on individual wishes.

Holiday with children