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Experience the perfect retreat with seasonal themes, unique packages and specials around the Reiters Reserve Hotels Supreme and Finest Family.

Finest Family

Der Gourmet

Let our kitchen team spoil you, lean back and enjoy the finest dishes.

Finest Family

Slow Down
Gi Gong

Enjoy pure relaxation through Qi Gong. Together with Sandra Wind you will recharge your reserves at the Reiters Reserve power places.

Finest Family

Baby Five

The baby's here. This joyful event brings changes and innovations in daily life. So a time-out always comes at the right time.

Finest Family

Baby Three

We know how your first holiday with the baby must be. At the Finest Family we have special care offers for new parents, which make everything very easy.

Finest Family

Pilates weekend in April

With Pilates you will feel comfortable and carefree again. The holistic training ensures activation, stretching, relaxation and well-being.