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Which moments are you going to collect? „Collect Moments“ is the motto of this retreat where you can go on lots of different adventures.

Wellness & Spa

We are offering one of Europe’s most exclusive wellness facilities to our guests. You will find pools, saunas and relaxation rooms spread across 8.200 m².

Relaxation Areas

If you are wishing for a peaceful and quiet vacation, you can count on us. The hotel and the Reserve are offering the relaxation and recreation you are looking for.

Lipizzaner Stud

Get to know these noble horses in a very private atmosphere. More than 30 Lipizzaner horses call the Reserve their home.


Golf is our strong point. We have a 27-hole golf course with an enormous driving range directly at the Reserve. In total we offer you 72-holes of finest golf in Southern Burgenland.


A colourful mixture of over 200 animals is living at the resort, forming a wonderful zoo.


You can find lots of different opportunities to practise all kinds of sports and be active all around the Reserve. We offer sports facilities for all age groups in order to spend an active vacation away from home.

Sports & Co


„Charme is the invisible part of beauty, without none of us can be truly beautiful“ (Sophia Loren). We are taking care of the rest at Finest Beauty!

Finest Beauty


Merkur Lifestyle Spa is offering high-quality treatments at the Reserve. More than 50 doctors, therapists and massage therapists are specialized on your well-being, preventative check-ups and regeneration.

Medical Spa

All is homemade

Soups, gravies, side-dishes and pasta – all dishes are freshly prepared by our kitchen team, only using the best local ingredients


Small groups and teams are perfectly taken care of, if the usual getaway is not enough.