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Pools & Saunas

Our water worlds give you sensual pleasure

Pleasure Pool

Enjoy the unique atmosphere, the soothing thermal water (34°C) and the stunning view across the landscape. We especially recommend a visit to the pleasure pool in the evening, you will witness a fantastic sunset. Indulge in the fascinating red light filling the sky when the sun disappears behind the soft hills of the Southern Burgenland.

Thermal water

Take a healthy bath in the thermal pool. It will relax your tense muscles and boost the metabolism in your joints.

Pleasure Pool 34°C
Indoor Pool 33°C
Indoor Whirlpool 36°C
Ladies Spa Whirlpool 36°C
Yang Pool 34°C
Thermal Massage Pool 34°C

Thermal brine

Thermal brine is the perfect combination of warm, untouched spring water, enriched with minerals. It has a comforting effect and reduces stress, tensions and low moods.

Outdoor Brine Pool 36°C

Fresh water

Dive into your cold fresh water pool in order to refresh yourself and get active. You can enjoy the fresh water pools as long as you want without having to worry about straining your organism.

Swimmingpool 27°C
Yin Pool 17°C

Yin Yang Pools

Yin and Yang, male and female, soft and hard, warm and cold – those opposites can’t stand on their own and are complementing each other to form a whole. Discover the Yin in the warm thermal part of the pool or strengthen your Yang in the cool fresh water part. You can enjoy your freedom in the nude area surrounding the pool and feel the fresh winds on your bare skin.

Sauna Landscape

Choose from four different sauna types or try all of them. Finnish Sauna, Herbal Biosauna, round saunas or infrared sauna with different temperatures, air humidity and ambience.

Steam & Hamam

Mild warmth and high humidity are awaiting you in your steam baths or the brine grotto. The air is enriched with minerals and salts, making your skin soft like silk. It also has a healing effect for your respiratory system. The Hamam is the perfect place to relax and calm down. You can also sign up for the ritual washing, offered by our partner Merkur Lifestyle Spa.

Ladies & Private Spa

This is an exclusive recreational retreat for ladies only. Enjoy saunas and steam baths in a private atmosphere. You will feel at ease and sheltered. Turn your visit at the ladies spa into your very own experience.

Relaxation rooms

Endless space and lots of different options to choose from: Water beds, comfortable loungers, sunbeds or beach chairs are making our relaxation rooms special. Light or dark, sunny or in the shade, enjoy whatever you feel like.

Relax Deck & Juice Bar

This is where you can relax from relaxing. Take a sip of water or tea, enjoy a handful of nuts or get some vitamins from our juice bar. Soon you will be ready for your next recreational treatment.