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Ashtanga Yoga Weekend October

For the experienced: During the Yoga Weekend Yogini Sylvia will teach you the basics of Ashtanga Yoga in 5 units in order to feel healthier and to go through life with more joy.

Here you get more information about Ashtanga Yoga in reserve.

3 nights incl. half board from € 777,- per person in double room Parkblick.

SMALL PRINT: Booking period 18-21 October (for practiced). 3 Yoga lessons of 1 hour each + 2 Yoga lessons of 2 hours each. If the minimum number of participants is not reached, we will be happy to inform you about alternatives.

The above information applies to the Reiters Supreme Hotel. Finest Family guests are welcome to book this weekend.
Price and availability on request.

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Check-in 19 April
Check-out 21 October

Rooms available with this special