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Hatha Yoga Weekend

From beginner to advanced. Yoga expert Rita Hofmeister teaches classical hatha yoga in the tradition of Sivananda. Through conscious breathing and breathing exercises body and mind come to rest and energy reserves are released. Physical exercises increase flexibility, give strength and promote coordination and balance. From Fri-Sun there are 4 units of 1.5 hours each for all yoga lovers.

2 nights incl. Half board from € 588, - per person in double room Classico.

FINE PRINT: Booking period 23.-25. November. 4 yoga units á 1.5. If the minimum number of participants is not reached, we will inform you about alternatives.

The above information concerns the Reiters Supreme Hotel. This weekend can also be booked by Reiters Finest Family guests.
Price and availability on request.

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Check-in 20 March
Check-out 25 November

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