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After the best day, enjoy the best night and your honeymoon in 5 star luxury place called Reiters Reserve. A hide away in Southern Burgenland, Austria. Use it to start positive in a wedded life. A champagne breakfast in romantically decorated room, in 120 ha harmonious landscape with cattle, water buffaloes, white baroque donkeys, Lipizzaner and infinitely more. Culinary entertainment at the highest level, spacious spa and water worlds. The shared time together, also including 1 partner treatment "Bio Release", will make it an unforgettable honeymoon.

Fine Print: 2 Nights incl. half board, 1 champagne breakfast in the romantically decorated room & 1 partner treatment. Bookable the whole year, holidays not included.

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Check-in 18 April
Check-out 31 December

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