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You can taste the warmth, diligence and skills of our kitchen team

The best cuisine


A love and passion for cooking. This is what you taste with every bite. Helmuth Gangl is consciously heading in a new direction, leading an ambitious team. You will find absolutely no convenience products in our kitchen.

Head Chef

Helmuth Gangl

3-toque chef, gold medal winner of Cooking Art Singapur and cuisine chef for 13 years. We would love to invite you to our weekly kitchen cocktail to have a glimpse behind the scenes.


Sous Chef
Thomas Aspan
Lisi Schützenhöfer
Adrian Huppmann
Jutta Zumpf

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Everything you wish for is waiting for you. The generous breakfast buffet spread across two restaurants leaves monotony behind. Indulge in the colourful selection of high-quality, fresh and tasty delicacies.


Available as an extra „Supreme-Pension“ at Nikis Bistro

Choose from a thoroughly assembled, fine offer of freshly prepared dishes.

(Supreme-Pension from 12-4pm / €22,90 per person / per room / bookable per day / drinks and ice cream are not included / no pool service)


Looking forward to the evening. Watch the cooks in the Birdie-Restaurant when they prepare your dinner (buffet show kitchen) or enjoy an evening at the Panorama-Restaurant with a winter garden without having to leave your table (5 course meal).

Saisonal Highlights

Every Thursday

There is a special culinary highlight each month with dishes being created around seasonal ingredients. Indulge in the fresh aroma and taste.

This month
Root vegetables & tuber vegetables

Only the best

Our kitchen team carefully chooses the ingredients for all our dishes. We only use fresh, honest and healthy products from carefully selected local suppliers or our own agriculture. We are not using products with long transport routes or undefined origin.

Restaurant Traube

Enjoy the finest and best steaks from our Gourmet Workshop Angus Beef, Wagyu or Charolaise. Dining at this restaurant will be an extraordinary experience.

Extra charge from € 11,–/100g
Reservations required / Every day, Wednesdays excepted


This is a buffet restaurant. Our cooks are showing you their kitchen skills. You can watch them while they prepare your dishes. Quicken your appetite and indulge in the delicious cooking.


The architecture of this restaurant is offering you a great view over water and landscapes. Enjoy a menu chosen by you in advance and spend a pleasant evening.

Nikis Bistro

Our daytime restaurant. Enjoy a delicious lunch in between your golf session or a visit to the sauna or a time out at the pool. Light snacks are waiting for you. Enjoy fresh salads and freshly prepared meals in a simple atmosphere. We have fresh juices and homemade cakes to choose from, as well as special ice cream creations from „Kaplan“. Lunch is included for guests who have booked the „Supreme Pension“.


A wonderful atmosphere, high-class interior and fine ambience are welcoming you. You can also enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and cake during the day. The hotel bar is a popular meeting spot for an aperitif or for talking about the highlights of your day in the evening. Enjoy your favourite drink or a special creation by our bartenders.
Live and dance music several times per week.