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Reiters Reserve Website T&C


These Website Terms and Conditions (“WTC”) apply to all websites (each one “page”) owned and operated by Karl Reiter Holding and its subsidiaries (“Reiters”, “we”, “ours”, “us”), including Reiters Reserve, Supreme (Golfhotel Bad Tatzmannsdorf Gesellschaft mbH) and Finest Family (Avance Hotel GmbH & Co KG).

Your use of these pages is subject to the general terms and conditions, specific terms and conditions on individual pages, and all applicable laws and regulations, including but not limited to trademark, copyright and other intellectual property rights. Information submitted by you on this website is subject to the data privacy statement of Reiters, which is hereby incorporated into these terms and conditions. The currently official terms and conditions of the Austrian Hoteliers Association serve as the basis of these terms and conditions (“GTC”).

PLEASE CAREFULLY READ THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS BEFORE USING SERVICES, PRODUCTS, MATERIALS OR INFORMATION FROM OUR WEBSITES. BY VISITING OUR WEBSITES, YOU ACCEPT THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS WITHOUT ANY RESTRICTIONS OR QUALIFICATIONS. We reserve the right to change any section of the WTC without prior notice. If you continue to access and use our websites, you agree to the revised terms and conditions. Please leave our website immediately if you do not accept the Terms and Conditions (as amended).



You may only use the services of this website if you are at least 18 years old and allowed to conclude legally binding contracts under current law. Additional terms and conditions may apply to reservations, transactions, purchases, activities or other services which can be found on this website. These Website Terms and Conditions do not exclude special agreements and are subsidiary to other agreements concluded in detail. You agree to comply with these terms and conditions and applicable additional terms.


We may allow you to access and use certain areas of the website and other platforms through an account with a username and password. You are responsible for the correctness and completeness of the data retrieved during the registration process, as well as for the confidentiality of your passwords, log-in and account information. You are responsible for all uses of the website by you or third parties through your user account. You agree to (a) promptly notify us of any unauthorized use of your password or account or other security breach, and (b) ensure that you log out of your account after each session. It is your persona responsibility to control the distribution and use of your account access and notify us if you wish to terminate your account. We shall not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from non-compliance with these terms.

User generated Content – Instagram & Facebook

When you answer or tag with the hashtag #myreservepic, you agree to the following terms and conditions:
You hereby grant the Golfhotel Bad Tatzmannsdorf Gesellschaft mbH, its subsidiaries, mother companies and other affiliates (together “Reiter’s Reserve”) an irrevocable, irreversible, unrestricted, royalty-free, worldwide and simple license for publication, reproduction, representation, demonstration, distribution, modification, translation and creation of derived works.
This license refers to photos, moving pictures or videos published in a social network (in particular Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube) and are marked with at least one of the hashtags #myreservepic, #reitersreserve, #reiters, #reitershotel, #reitershotels, #reiterssupreme, #reitersfinestfamily or similar tags or in which there is another agreement between you and Reiters Reserve. Any part of your photo, motion picture or video may be used in any manner and at sole discretion, including, but not limited to, the web presence, marketing- and advertising and promotional material.

You ensure and guarantee that:
(a) you own all rights to your photos;
(b) you have the permission of any person recognisable in your work, in order to grant the rights referenced herein;
(c) you are of age; and
(d) the use of your photos and videos published in social media by Reiters does not violate the rights of third parties or the law. Herewith, you absolve, release and dispense Reiters Reserve and people acting on its behalf from any liability for damages that are connected to the use of your work (indemnify and hold harmless).

Credit Card Information

We do not store any payment information from credit cards or other payment options. All online transactions are handled secure by our payment service provider, Wirecard CEE GmbH, located in Klagenfurt, Austria. We are not responsible for the misuse of the payment methods offered by Wirecard.


You may only make reservations and purchases through our website for yourself, your invited guests or a person who authorized you to do so in advance. As long as you have not received the prior written permission from Reiters, you may not make any reservations or purchases for other purposes through the website. This includes, but is not limited to, commercial purposes (re-sale of rooms or reservations), advertising, marketing, or other provision (including third-party websites) to make speculative, false or fraudulent reservations or to reserve rooms in anticipation of high demand. Reservations which violate the Website Terms and Conditions may be canceled without prior notice in the sole discretion of Reiters. Reiters reserves the right to cancel reservations, that turn out to have violated the WTC or GTC later on.

Prices & Payments

Unless agreed otherwise, all prices are in Euros (EUR). Invoicing is always and exclusively in Euros. If the period between the reservation and the contractually agreed service exceeds 6 months, Reiters is entitled to charge the currently valid prices which, however, may not exceed 10% of the offered prices. The prices shown in the online booking system are inclusive of VAT and exclusive local taxes. Online Payments can be made through a payment service provider using credit card, EPS, SOFORT and, if necessary, other payment methods.

Information on Advertising

Our websites may provide or display information about specific programs, offers, packages or special offers (“specials”). Such a “Special” is subject to its specific terms, conditions and restrictions. Please read and pay attention to them carefully. Reiters reserves the right to change or withdraw any Special at any time without prior notice. Any Special is void if it violates laws.

Links to 3rd Party Websites

This website contains links to third party websites. Reiters provides these links solely for your convenience. The inclusion of these links does not imply in any way that Reiters supports, endorses or agrees with the content, products, services or operators on these websites. We assume no obligation to monitor or check websites linked to or from our websites. The use of such a link and linked website is subject to the conditions and regulations of the respective site and is at your own risk. We are not responsible for practices, services, products or content on third party websites. In addition, you agree that you will not place any link from your website or a third party on any of our websites, without the prior written permission of Reiters. In addition, certain actions on our sites may lead to special forms of advertising from third parties, including information appearing in other windows or on third party websites.

Reiter’s right to cancel / errors/ mistakes

Our pages may contain typographical errors, technical inaccuracies or other errors and mistakes. This includes information such as, but not limited to, fees, room prices or availability. Reiters assumes no responsibility or liability for such inaccuracies, errors or omissions. Reiters reserves the right to cancel or not execute such affected reservations or such information. Reiters reserves the right to make corrections, changes, cancellations, and/or improvements to such information or reservations based on such information, at any time, including after a reservation is confirmed.

Cancellation by the contracting partner – Fees

If you do not use our extensive travel cancellation insurance when booking, the following cancellation conditions apply:
Up to 3 months prior to your arrival / with cancellation insurance: free of charge
Up to 1 month prior to your arrival: 40% of the booked arrangements
Up to 1 week prior to your arrival :70% of the booked arrangements
Up to 7 days prior to your arrival: 90% of the booked arrangements
On the day of arrival and early departure 100% of the booked package will be charged.
All cancellations must be made in written form or by phone.

Miscommunication / Lost Transactions

Reiters assumes no responsibility or liability for any communication errors, difficulties, failures or other malfunction in connection with lost, stolen or misdirected transmissions, transactions, entries or messages, which happen on or are connected with our websites. Reiters is not responsible for any incorrect information associated with a transfer to or transactions on the pages, regardless of whether this error is due to a system error, a user error, or a human error.


Our websites are accessible to the general public via an Internet connection. They may be unavailable due to maintenance or repair work or due to computer problems, crashes, an interruption of the Internet service or other unforeseen circumstances. A reference to a product or service on a page does not imply that this product or service is or will be available at the respective location. The content on the pages, including commercial content, is only intended for the use and display, as long as this is permitted according to the applicable laws and regulations. Any offer of a product or service is, in so far as it is prohibited by law, void.

Prohibited uses

Any commercial use of our website is only permitted with the written permission of Reiters. You may not use our websites in order to publish illegal, threatening, offensive, harmful, defamatory or profane content. Any content which constitutes or promotes a behaviour which is regarded as a criminal offense, causes civil liability or violates the law or these terms and conditions otherwise, is inadmissible and prohibited.

Pet Policy

We are looking forward to your stay together with your pet. Dogs from 12 months are welcome at the Reserve and we want to make sure, that our furry friends have the most beautiful and safest stay possible. If your room is dirty, we will charge an additional cleaning fee of 100 Euros.

Please note our house rules:
1) Dogs have to be kept on a leash on the entire Reserve and in the hotels.
2) Sometimes dogs are simply dogs and can cause damage. In this case, you are liable and responsible for the costs for the repair of damages or additional cleaning required (including labor costs).
3) Some places at the Reserve are taboo for animals. You must keep your pet away from all rooms with water, food and drinks, as well as the gym. Except the restaurant “Traube” and the winter garden in the Supreme.
4) Please stay with your pet, when Reiters staff is in your room.
5) In case the room is overly dirty we will have to charge an additional cleaning fee of 100€.

Thank you for following these guidelines. We hope that you and your pet will have a wonderful stay with us at the Reserve!

HOTEL General Terms & Conditions

We would like to reiterate that the General Terms and Conditions of the Austrian Hoteliers Association apply to guests of our houses. Should individual provisions of these terms and conditions or the website’s terms be invalid or void, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.

Question & Comments

If you have any comments or questions about our terms, privacy policy, cookies or any other experiences made on our website, please contact us at media (at) reiters-reserve.at

Letztes Update: 21. February 2018

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